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ESS Energy Group

Watson Barker
707 Grant Street
Gulf Tower, 27th Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-
Phone Number (724) 803-5845
Phone (678) 595-9806
Email a41d6b1d-4354-4a69-8a2f-cbd7002aefc7
Company Description

The growth in the energy sector has resulted in a multitude of complex and often costly challenges. Having a comprehensive understanding of the oil and gas industry is paramount to protecting your assets, workers and company from risk and exposure.

Our comprehensive approach to insurance and risk management begins by analyzing business operations from the ground up, including:

  • Exploration & Development
  • Drilling
  • Lease Operators
  • Well Servicing
  • Testing & Treating
  • Production
  • Distribution & Reclamation
  • Service Contractors

We develop customized insurance and risk management programs designed to help reduce our client's loss frequency and severity, which contributes to corporate profitability.


ESS Energy Group recognizes the insurance needs of the coal industry. Our dedication to the mining industry has not stopped with our past achievements. We continue to explore and devise new plans to help you deal with the issues facing your industry.

Some of the current issues are:

  • MSHA Compliance
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Subsidence
  • Claims Management

ESS Energy Group recognizes the challenges the mining industry faces in the areas of reclamation bonding, workers' compensation, subsidence, pollution, limited underground equipment coverage and umbrella coverage restrictions.

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