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Rel-Tek Corporation

Al Ketler
4185 Old William Penn Highway
Monroeville, PA 15146-1619
Phone Number (800) 783-9228
Fax (412) 373-6703
Email 38ce61e3-8b5b-46ef-bcb1-ca3bf7327e49
Company Description

Some of Rel-Tek’s product trademarks:

  • GasBoss (methane sensors)
  • HotBoss (temperature)
  • FireBoss (carbon monoxide)
  • WetBoss (humidity)
  • WellBoss (oil / gas well systems)
  • RPM-Boss (rotational speed))
  • ToxiBoss (toxics and O2)
  • PLC-Express (handy PLCs, 3-sizes)
  • SafeBoss (Linux based controllers)
  • Flash Telemetry (high-speed telemetry)
  • SmokeBoss (optical density)
  • DXcalibar (integrated I/O panel)
  • AirBoss (air velocity)
  • AwAir (gas extraction systems)
  • SpotFire (sensitive flame detector)
  • RM420i (single controller with display)
  • Millennia (data acquisition software)
  • Touch’n Know (remote terminals)
  • MagiKal (automatic sensor calibration)
  • MultiBoss / DP (pressure, water depth)

Enhancing safety on Marcellus / Utica gas / oil wells, pipelines and compressor stations is Rel-Tek’s objective. Our gas and fire detection sensors and systems are professionally engineered for cutting edge performance, longest service life and surprising economy.

For nearly four decades Rel-Tek has pioneered in engineering products for hazardous industries -- including underground coal mines, tunnels, alt-fuel fleets and garages, oil/gas properties and energy sectors. We now have literally hundreds of safety products, and accrued over 120 intrinsic safety approvals permitting use in explosive environments everywhere. Our clients include the largest and most demanding municipal and industrial operations nationwide.

Rel-Tek products are US manufactured and serviced, whether hardware/software or wired/wireless. Our Safety Technology Center in Monroeville is dedicated to saving lives.

Call us today for free advice, consultation and proposals for economically enhancing the safety of your oil/gas drilling sites, your pipelines and your compressor stations.

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