Company Description

Emerson Geophysical, LLC is a Michigan based company located near Traverse City, Michigan.

Our key personnel have over 30 years of experience in the Seismic/Oil and Gas Industry.  We have worked with major oil companies and with local independent companies.

Our field crew is courteous and respectful to landowners.  They have a great understanding of the Sercel/Unite system.

Emerson has an impeccable safety record.  We follow the IAGC safety guidelines.  We have daily crew meetings, address current and seasonal safety issues.

Our team works throughout the Midwest, not just in our home state of Michigan.  We will also work Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia.

We offer up-to-date technology and techniques.  The proven technology will help you to reduce your risk and improve your success rate using state of the art equipment.



  • Seismic