Fisher Associates, P.E., L.S., L.A., D.P.C.

Company Description

Whether you’re drilling in the Marcellus shale or Trenton sand formations, installing transmission mains, upgrading power lines, or updating compressor or substations, you’ll be looking for a consultant partner who understands the pressure of development and how important it is for the process to go smoothly. Less time spent on design and permitting means construction starts quickly. It means your gas or electricity gets to market sooner. It means you may also get a leg up on others who want to build competing projects in the area.

As your consultant partner, we have the civil engineering, site design, environmental studies, survey, and regulatory components needed to fulfill state requirements and make your gas and electric projects successful.

Fisher Associates is a multidisciplinary consulting firm with offices in Pennsylvania (Canonsburg and Erie) and New York (Buffalo, Rochester, Ithaca, Binghamton and Syracuse) that specializes in providing services to the Energy, Transportation and Land Development. Our dynamic team of planning and design professionals routinely partner with state, municipal, and private clients across the country. Through strategic planning and the fostering of long-term working relationships, Fisher Associates brings expertise and value to solve our client’s greatest challenges.


Architects / Engineers

  • Architect / Engineer
  • Engineering Services
  • Surveying


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  • GIS / GPS Data Collection

Professional Services

  • Environmental Services
  • Professional Services

Reclamation Products

  • Erosion & Sediment Control


  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Regulatory Compliance Permitting