EnergyMark, LLC

Company Description
EnergyMark, LLC is the largest privately owned supplier of natural gas and electricity in Western New York, serving over 16,000 end-user clients in upstate New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania. We specialize in local natural gas aggregation, and movement to market.

Every day, we buy locally produced natural gas and bring it to market with maximized value. EnergyMark provides physical and financial services and products to support the local producer, including;
  • Well production financing
  • Pipeline agency services – to move natural gas to market
  • Pipeline scheduling and operations, balancing
  • Strategic price locks, floor pricing for energy commodities
  • Oil and natural gas hedge services


  • Consultants
  • Consulting - Reserves and Economics

Financial Services

  • Investment


  • Natural Gas Marketing

Producers – Exploration, Production & Development

  • Producers – Exploration, Production & Development

Professional Services

  • Energy Management Services
  • Professional Services